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B+ Power Supply - International Power
B+ Power Supply - International Power


High voltage DC power is required for early model Hammond® consoles to power their internal Pre-Amplifiers. This required the use of a Hammond® Tone Cabinet to supply power to the Pre-Amplifier. The Leslie® corporation engineered the 122 type speakers to provide this voltage. If you are using a Leslie® other than a 122 type you will need to supply power to the Console Pre-Amplifier.

This unit will send the proper voltage [200 VDC] to the Pre-Amplifier. This allows freedom from the use of a Hammond® Tone Cabinet.

Simple to install. No soldering required. Connect the AC power input spade terminals to the AC screw terminals on the Pre-Amplifier. Then connect the B+ and ground wires to the Pre-Amplifier B+ and ground terminals. The Hammond® Tone cabinet is no longer needed.

YEAR: Various

MODELS: pre B-2 / C-2 / RT-2

SOLD: Individually

PLEASE READ: Parts Installation

YOUR PRICE:$157.63

STOCK# MS-10160-01


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