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Location Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback

 Many thanks to each of you who took the time
to send these extremely nice comments.

                                                                                 - Steven.

- Submit your comments - 

Hi Steven-

I ran across your website when I Goggled Zena Kearny, who was my old organ teacher in the late '70's. Your story is very amazing - Good for you!! 

 - Marilyn Farrell  07/21/2009

I have received the new tubes and they were installed on Sunday, much to my great joy in the fullness of the sound. Thank you for your speedy service.

 - Esther Todd  12/16/2009


I visited your site for the first time today and would like to complement you on the quality of your presentation and the quality of your work as shown. I understand the effort required to obtain excellent results. Keep up the good work and good luck to you.

- Jim Huss  01/02/2010

Bonjour à 'Classic Hammond' from the South-Pacific... You have a very beautiful website. I own several Hammond organs, a Leslie 122 and a PR40. Best Regards.

- Michel Bénébig  01/22/2010

Hi Steve, guess what happened today. The belts arrived!! Thanks for going above and beyond the call and insuring with priority mail and confirmation required. I know that costs more and thank you for that. Thanks again, and when I need stuff, I will call you first.

- Kevin Phillips  01/25/2010

Steven –

I will be taking you up on your offer to telephone, but I had to take a moment to write and thank you for responding to my e-mail. You are the first of many to do so. Thank you.

- Gregory Franklin  02/19/2010


Thank you so very, very, much for your reply and for the invaluable input!  I hope I can contact you again from time to time as I begin to complete this project.  Several years ago, had a B-3 that I replaced the capacitors, and purchased a new Leslie, and something seemed missing to me.  Your explanations shed some light on that aspect for sure.

 Again, thank you!  Your guidance, recommendations and advise is so important to me.

 - John Graney  04/23/2010

Hey Steve-

After the new tubes and repair work the old gal (Hammond) sounds brand new. Nothing like the real thing. I'm very pleased with the turn-around time. The best in the business. Service and reliability is what sells any business.

Thanx again, Steve.

- Robert Moore  08/29/2010


Thank you and Happy New Year!  I'm extremely pleased with the service from Classic Hammonds!  I sincerely appreciate your time in this matter. Thanks again.

- Scott Reich  01/03/2011

Hey Steve!

I just want to thank you for the power cord.  The organ works perfectly.  Best $22 I've spent in a while.  I got this organ for free on the side of the road, and it's in great condition. The back light even works!  Man, the stuff people will throw away... Thanks!

- Brian 

I found your website/store through a google search where I typed in "leslie 122xb". Thought you might like to know that then I spent 2 hours looking all over your site... I read the articles and thoroughly enjoyed them all. 

I plan to purchase a hammond xk-3c and a leslie 122xb. I would like to buy them from your company based on everything I found out about the owner (Steven) in his bio I read online and my being impressed and actually thrilled looking through your website.
David S. Padawer  08/01/2011

 Hi Steve,

Just got the SK-2 a few hours ago and it was worth the wait. A great Hammond product!


- John Poulton  11/22/2011

Thank you very much for your fast shipping. The tubes sound great in my son's L-133 Hammond spinet with his leslie 225 low boy speaker. I will continue to use you store for future puchases. Thank you again.

- Thomas P. Felsenthal Jr.  03/17/2012


Thanks a Bunch for your assistance with my order of a BC Music Rack. The unit came Friday afternoon and was packaged very well. Upon opening, I discovered that it was an exact replica of the piece that was missing from the organ restoration I am doing for myself. The workmanship is just as if it had come out of the Hammond Organ Company for replacement.  

Again, this is just what I was looking for and will make this project a complete package back to showroom perfect!  Best Regards.

- Terry R. Burns  04/07/2012

Dear Steven,


I am not sure if your website has a formal form for feedback (that was an unexpected tongue-twister), but I just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful consumer service. Last year I was able to purchase the xk-3c from you and this year the pedal board to go with it.


More than anything, I appreciate your prompt shipping. There's nothing like waiting days on end for a product that you've already purchased. Maybe by this time next year, I will be able to afford the lower manual; stretching this graduate student stipend as far as it will go! Thanks again for your service.




- Jason Grant  05/25/2012


Just wanted you to know that my sk-1 arrived safe and sound in Dhahran, Suadia Arabia. It works great!

I wanted to say thank you for taking time to help, and going out of your way to provide overseas shipping to me. I appreciate you and your company.


- Jean Carter  07/25/2012



I received the tubes yesterday and put them into the organ and speaker and it sounds great!  This is my Mom's B3 and it had the original tubes in it from 1963. The tubes still had Hammond on them. Incredible to say the least. Thank you for your service and prompt delivery of the tubes.  


Oh yes...we also ordered a tube of oil, and that too was in the box.  What I didn't expect were the explicit instructions for oiling the organ. It's great to know there are companies out there that still have incredible customer service. Thank you! and I mean Thank you!!!!!!


- Dave Maves  10/23/2012



The B-3 w/Leslie 122(r) made in 1966, purchased from you still sounds GREAT and has no trouble. I think your restoring and refinishing management and skill is GREAT.


- Kiyoshi Takahashi  02/03/13

Thanks, Steve.  Good service!!


- B. Harrell  05/10/13

Hi “Classic Hammonds”,


First thanks for taking my small order of Leslie parts this morning. I always wanted a Leslie, so I bought one and of course: it was broken! But you guys came to the rescue with the necessary parts.


Mainly, I wanted to tell you that the story of Classic Hammonds, the story of Steven Roady on your site, is very entertaining and a wonderful example of how dreams are fulfilled here in America. One child sneaking off to the third floor, and you now have a legacy of Hammond preservation. I enjoyed it immensely, so thank you for taking the time to publish it.


- Doug Austin  06/14/13

Steven, Thanks for the info and most importantly, the fast response. Thanks for your time and the great customer service.

- Alex Kiddie 

Hi Steve-


Got the SK keyboard quickly. Thank you. Just dipped my toes in the water and it feels good. I am sure it will get "awesomer" with time.


Thanks again.


- Greg Stone 08/09/13



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