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to Continental U.S. destinations ONLY.
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FEDEX / UPS ground,
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Min. Order=$99.00

FREE SHIPPING does NOT apply to Leslie Speakers.

(913) 645-7473




M.A.P  (Minimun Advertised Price) is an agreement betweeen manufacturers, distributors and/or dealers, in an attempt to govern pricing. The dealer must agree not to advertise the price of specified merchandise for lower than the M.A.P.

Should the dealer violate this agreement, they could loose the ability to sell the manufacturer and/or dealer's merchandise.

However, this does NOT mean that the dealer cannot sell the merchandise for LOWER than the M.A.P. In fact, the dealer may sell the merchandise for what ever price they choose.

Classic Hammonds® will make every effort to give you a great price on all HAMMOND-SUZUKI® products. You can obtain Classic Hammonds® current selling prices via e-mail by clicking on the item and following the instructions provided, or you can call us at (913) 645-7473 during business hours.




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